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9-10 Midford Place
London W1T 5BJ
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
September 28, 2017
January 1 – December 31
Nightstar Therapeutics’ American Depository Shares (ADS) are traded on the NASDAQ Global Market under the ticker symbol NITE
Nightstar Therapeutics does not anticipate declaring or paying dividends in the foreseeable future
With questions about Nightstar Therapeutics’ ADSs, please contact Cit
Ernst & Young LLP
Cooley LLP 
Two. Nightstar Therapeutics’ global headquarters in is London, United Kingdom. The company’s U.S. headquarters is in Lexington, Mass. 
Please visit nightstartx.com for more information
Please visit ir.nightstartx.com and select press releases or financials 
Please visit ir.nightstartx.com and select financials
Please visit nightstartx.com or email investors@nightstartx.com